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From surviving Ebola, to combatting COVID-19

It’s easy to use the word resilience.

But what does resilience look like in practice?

Ruth Okowa; BRAC’s Africa Regional Director explains.
‘I remember during Ebola, a woman I met in Liberia. It can be hard to say what exactly makes someone different. But this woman was very determined. She had a determination to make a difference, to learn more.'
‘She listened to all of the information on hygiene, hand washing and so on. And she took it seriously, she took the information seriously. People sometimes doubt what they are told. They listen to advice, but they do not change. But she took it seriously.'
‘As a result of this, she and her children survived the Ebola pandemic. All of them survived, and she became a role model, she became a master trainer and was soon telling communities how to keep themselves safe.'
‘She was identified by the administration as someone who had really helped her community and her country in combating Ebola. And now, even as we speak, she is a champion in helping protect her family and her community from COVID-19.'
‘Her community respect her, because she survived Ebola with her children, she is now working with BRAC and we are giving her even more training. We can see that out of her resilience, out of her desire to make a change she is making a difference and now encouraging other women to join her.’

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The boats mean thatmore children like Jhuma stay in school.Froma few boats in the wetlands, the boat system was scaled across thecountry. There are now500 floating schools, providing classroomsto 14,000 students all year round.