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Big change starts with one person

Human-scale change

This is what BRAC does best

Lilian Mori-Nyaim, working for BRAC at its Nairobi office, talks about the people that inspire her.

‘Every organisation is about people. I see this very strongly at BRAC. There is a thread that runs from the story of our Founder, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, through to the women and communities we work with directly every day and BRAC staff globally. It is about personal commitment, and a vision of a better world with the knowledge that no one is too insignificant to make a difference in this world

‘I am so inspired by our Founder, in so many ways. We had many conversations and memories about him when he passed on, and one thing that really stood out for me is that when he first saw that Bangladesh needed help, he did not hesitate to sell his flat in London and to go back home to Bangladesh. It was so important to him to help his country, to help his people. He made that amazing sacrifice, and that was just the start of his story in creating BRAC. He always remained humble, even as he helped BRAC become a global force to change lives. Through all of that, he remained a humble person.

‘In different ways, I see many of the people we support do amazing things to change their life and the lives of their families and communities.

I remember visiting BRAC Tanzania Micro Finance Bank in Dar es Salaam where I met many women who had come to one BRAC micro-credit facility either to borrow money or to repay loans. We followed one to her shop where she was selling printed fabric in the local area market, the sort of thing that women wear as wraps or make African print clothes. Thanks to a small BRAC loan, she had been able to set up a shop which had grown well. In fact, it had grown three or four times its original size. You could see the transformation, not just for this one woman, but for the people she now employed. They had income to support their families. That means a whole community starts to change! As I bought a piece of my African print cloth from the shop, I admired the transformation they had gone through economically and socially

‘This is what BRAC does best. Empowering women and communities in general. Working with communities side by side in various ways. Right now, with Covid-19 we are on the ground, for example in Uganda, Liberia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and other offices where we are working with communities and the Government spreading health related messages either through radios or mega phones and distributing PEP equipments. BRAC work is simply saving lives.’

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The boats mean thatmore children like Jhuma stay in school.Froma few boats in the wetlands, the boat system was scaled across thecountry. There are now500 floating schools, providing classroomsto 14,000 students all year round.